25 thoughts on “Zeus Carlevale Custom Cars 1300 hp 707 cubic inch Camaro. Updated video burn outs and drive-by’s


    any1 know wot it is that makes the cool engine sound when you shift the gear….how can i get it in my car ??

  2. @MrMiguelSR1
    572 is the largest crate you can order from chevy, but many suppliers and aftermarket companies offer custom cranks that can easily reach 632 ci. (4.6″ bore x 4.75″ stroke). I’d say this engine is likely the product of a custom fabrication shop that crafts most of their own internal parts. The only limitation after boring it out is really is how much extra stroke they can cram into a BBC and have it remain in 1 piece.

  3. is teh 707 a special big block? i thought the 572 was the biggest big block chevy up to date? 🙂

  4. Should be called “Headless Horsepower” cause the first rich asshole to open it up is gonna get sideways and roll it over!
    Nice work though.

  5. hands down the sickest camaro on the road. This is my dream car i would kill this guy with my own hands for it.

  6. Your car is a monster hehe. It’s a beautiful car! Nice!!! I get excited when guys get excited about their cars. It’s cool ya know? I like it hehe hugs! great car! I like Datsun 510s as well …friggin ex’s 😉

  7. @RunninCummins Yea got a lot of comments like this, planning on shooting another movie soon but with no music this time!!

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