25 thoughts on “Hot Rods And Custom Cars-I Gotta Pay You How Much For The Upholstery Job? Part 1

  1. @woodzo40 These guys are a fucking RIPOFF. real scumbags. for sure. Do your P’s and Q’s before you get any work done at an interior shop, there are alot of them out there just like these assholes. It’s hard to find an honest shop that won’t rip you off. Pete

  2. Oh god. I have done so much that I didnt make nothing on jobs, after so long. I wouldnt of payed that much noooo wayyy. I work at a body shop right next to a int shop. The int shop spits cars out like crazy i mean 6 cars a week classic cars, and do top notch stuff. I think I need to get out of the body shop breathing in crap, and do int work. Im sure matterial like fabric is a hell of a lot cheaper then all the chemicals to paint 1 car. what the int shop charge $150 an hour lol.

  3. @iamhogfan17 Omar isn’t the crook.. its the other guy.. Omar quite working there because he didn’t like the way the “other” guy was doing business.. Omar is straight up and honest. Pete

  4. thanks for standing up for your customers Pete, I was going to take my car to X company & then Omar, NOT NOW. Damn crooks.

  5. All the die hard SWRNC followers know the name of that ass who did the trim…
    Hold on to your hats ladies and gentlemen….Pete’s going to show Mr X. which way is up….

  6. YES YES YES!! Another “SET THESE MUTHA FUKAS STRAIGHT” phone call! Im on pins and needles waiting for part 2!!!.. Woo Hoo! rip em a new one PETE, don’t back down!!

  7. why did the owner even pay the extra 4 grand to headliner x pete? thats wayyyyyyyy too much for a coupe for interior . did they hold it for ransom then too?

  8. @tradernorton05 no– this wasnt omar, it was the guy that omar worked for.. omar quite because of this shit… Pete

  9. @marcellinasfigaro no— these where repairs that where inprefections from the orginal job, you know a punch list. Stuff the owner didn’t like.. That type of stuff….

  10. i think a garage can only hold ur car if u sign an agreement to pay a certain amount if bill is way over what was agreed upon u dont owe the extra money and the shop is beat

  11. So let me get this straight. This is the coupe the mechanic let the suicide door fly open and you fixed. Upolstery shopcharged the customer $4,400.00 over budget for the original interior. And now he is charging $700 for repairs that are due to the door accident?? Or did he do other things? What exactly did he do for $700??

  12. thats way over budget. I would tell your customers to watch out for those guys. more power to ya pete!!

  13. Pete – you need to hang a a jug of KY somewhere near your old mud whistle with a sign that asks all who enter to apply a liberal coat before entering. The shit these people pull on you just ain’t right Pete.

  14. I’m sure you can find the name of the shop in one of the earlier episodes when Pete gives us a tour of the upholstery shop.

  15. Pete man why are you always getting fucked its like theyre out to get you but you always get them do they really think you`re easy to fool you should let`em watch some of your videos and say dont mess with me dont screw me around I may be nice now but dont piss me off

  16. since this interior shop has been ripping off customers then you should name them, let the guys on here know who not to take their car to,

  17. Upholstery is so damn easy and those guys thing their work is golden! My dad is an upholstery guy, and he screws people all the time! fuck em pete, fuck thim in their stupid asses with their fuckin clown shoes- you need me as the front man Pete- i would have punche him in his cocksucker if I were you

  18. Lol guys your not paying attention. Omar didnt have this car he has the black one. This car was at H@#@#@#%R X (The body shop Omar used to work at before going frelance with his mexican buddies. Hope your next video has you cussing that scheister a new one, go get em Bruno!

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