25 thoughts on “audi s4 straight pipe exhaust

  1. Best exhaust ever you have convinced me to buy a s4 thank you soooo much for posting this i want to make it my ringtone

  2. porno mega cool.nice sound….will auch haben aber sowas machen die grünen nicht mit bzw die blauen und der tüv.

  3. @7864222804
    straight-piping a 4-cylinder will do NOTHING but annoy your neighbors. no torque.
    With an 8-cylinder, there is enough exhaust pressure to free up a lot more power with straight pipes. plus a V8 sounds WAYYYYY better than an ugly 4-cylinder.
    i suggest buying a car with more cylinders 🙂

  4. @bhvrdr yo thats just obnoxious, how you get away with that? the gains aren’t worth it in my opinion.

  5. Congrats to owner this is a fine example of european V8 😀

    Also, whats the like, not spec but series of this S4, ie E39 5 series, if you get me.

  6. i have a 92 accord and want to strait (i know bad spelling) pipe it with 2 and a half inch pipe any advice

  7. Why don’t honda owners get it….Add performance upgrades that count like this type of exhaust, not loud fart cannons that are 5 inches wide….

  8. Badness!!! Such a cool, clean, and smart looking Audi, but with a Satanic sound coming out of it! Nice work on that Audi.

  9. I have the Magnaflow Cat Back system on mine and its not loud at all…I need to do the high flow cats…what cats did you use and where did you get them from? Thanks

  10. You could drive this thing to a car meet with the most hardcore American muscle car fans and they would welcome your ‘fancy European car’.

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